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Lien Claims

We know and understand that lien rights are often the only payment guarantee a contractor has. Regardless of the Project location, whether a private project or a public one, a local school project, a county road, or a state institution, we are always just a phone call away to assist you in making sure you meet filing deadline and submit timely, accurate, concise claims.

The New Jersey Construction Lien Law is designed to protect the rights of subcontractors and material suppliers to ensure you get paid for the work you perform. In a construction project, disputes often arise regarding performance of the various contractual undertakings between and among the parties. Between the initial bid and the receipt of payment, disputes can occur and Expectations of owners, contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers and material suppliers may be frustrated. Nothing is more frustrating to a contractor or subcontractor than to perform as agreed and then not receive timely payment.

In the ordinary course of events, one party sues another for breach of contract. Difficulties arise, however, when no written agreement exists, as in the case between an owner and subcontractor. Under these circumstances, the subcontractor has no legally enforceable claim against the owner and, unfortunately, the owner controls the money and therefore has the greatest ability to dictate the terms and outcome of a project. The New Jersey Construction Lien Law attempts to equalize this imbalance by giving contractors, subcontractors and material suppliers some leverage over the owner.

Let Jeffrey S. Wilson, Attorney at Law guide you through this process to ensure that you, the contractor, get paid for all your hard work and effort.