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Bid Protests

        We are experts in the field of public-bidding law and have engaged in bid protests for more than 20 years with an outstanding track record. We have an exceptional success rate both defending a low-bidder whose award is being challenged and challenging an award to a contractor whose bid contains fatal flaws under the public bidding statutes.

         We understand that when potential bid issues arise, timing is critical. The action your attorney takes during the first 24 hours after a bid opening can mean the difference between success and failure. Consequently, when you contact us with a potential issue we will evaluate the merits of your case immediately, often the same day.  Your initial consultation is always free.

         Some of our recent successes include

GP Parlamas, Inc. v. Borough of Wood-Ridge & The Bennett Company, Inc
., Successfully defended low bidder on challenge that it allegedly failed to include construction schedule with its bid on $4,300,000 project for upgrades and additions to a Middle School in Wood-Ridge, New Jersey.

H&S Construction & Mechanical, Inc. v. Woodland Park Board of Education, Stone Creek, Inc. and Tekton Development Corp.,
  Represented 3rd lowest bidder in successful challenge against 1st and 2nd low bidders on a $2,450,000 project to renovate and upgrade an Elementary School and Middle School in Woodland Park, New Jersey. We were able to have the 1st and 2nd low bidders disqualified for failure to have current subcontractor prequalifications.
Niram, Inc. v. Ridgewood Board of Education and The Bennett Company; Before the New Jersey Commissioner of Education,. Successfully defended low bidder on challenge to listed subcontractor’s qualifications on $4,000,000 project for the Ridgewood, New Jersey Board of Education for an addition and roof replacement at an elementary school.

EMSA Solar LLC v. Township of Branchburg and Faigon Electric, Inc
.,  Successfully defended low bidder on challenge it allegedly failed to include certain technical information with its bid on a solar energy project for the Township of Branchburg, New Jersey.

EMSA Solar LLC v. Mercer County Voc. School District and Barrier Electric Co., Inc
., Successfully challenged award on a $3,400,000 Solar Energy Project for the Mercer County, New Jersey, Technical Schools where low bidder failed to comply with “Buy American” statute.

GDS Mechanical, Inc. v. County of Warren, C.G.T. Construction, Inc. and The Bennett Company, Inc
. Represented 3rd low bidder and successfully defended the award of the contract in the face of a challenge by the apparent low bidder whose bid had been rejected for failure to comply with the bidding requirements on a $5,450,000 Courthouse Reconstruction Project for the Freeholders of Warren County, New Jersey.

Camden County College Ring Road Project
.  Successfully negotiated award on a $6.8 million construction project for Camden County College, avoiding litigation, where low bidder had made an addition error in its calculations.

EMSA Solar LLC v. Township of Edison and Faigon Electric, Inc.
, Successfully defended award to 2nd lowest bidder on challenge by low bidder whose bid was rejected for failing to have the requisite experience installing solar energy systems on a solar energy project for the Township of Edison, New Jersey.

Frank Bennett Electric Corp. v. Matawan Aberdeen Regional Board of Education and Pat Maggio & Son Electric, Inc.
,  Represented 2nd low bidder in successful challenge to decision of Board of Education to reject all bids where apparent low bidder’s NJSCC prequalification had lapsed.  The Court deemed the re-bid illegal and ordered the Board of Education to award the contract to my client on a $1,740,000 renovation project on four elementary schools.

Bid Appeal of D & K Construction – Bid #389 – College Center/Performing Arts Center Renovation – Middlesex County College, Woodbridge, New Jersey
.  Successfully defended award to low bidder and charges of collusion in face of challenge by 2nd bidder that my client’s listed HVAC subcontractor gave preferential treatment to my client by choosing only to bid with them.

Frank Bennett Electric Corp. v. City of Plainfield Board of Education and Fire Control Electrical Systems.
Successfully challenged award by Board of Education to low bidder on a project at Plainfield High School, Plainfield, New Jersey where award was made despite the lack of proper NJDBC prequalification.

Regardless of the nature of the project, whether it be for a Municipality or a Board of Education, County or College, or the State of New Jersey Jeffrey S. Wilson, Attorney at Law will guide you through the entire process and give you a realistic appraisal of your chances for success with the first phone call. As mentioned previously the initial consultation is always free and always just a phone call away.